TrueNAS Data Recovery

FreeNAS/TrueNAS Data Recovery

TrueNAS (formerly known as FreeNAS) can fail due to several reasons. It can be physical hardware problems like hard drives failure or operator errors like accidental pool destroying resulting in data loss. Although in case of redundant layouts like mirror, RAIDz or RAID2z disk failure should not be a problem, in practice you still may lose an entire ZFS pool.

Another common issue resulting in damaged ZFS pools is operator errors:

In most cases, data is still on the disks but ZFS pool configuration is completely loss. The only way to fix a broken ZFS pool is to reconstruct pool configuration parameters like layout (stripe, mirror RAIDz, RAID2z), disk count, disk order, ZFS block size and ZFS main nodes. So ZFS troubleshooting starts with disconnecting disks from a TrueNAS system, connecting them to Windows PC and running ZFS recovery software like ReclaiMe Pro. The deatiled tutorial is at ZFS recovery page.

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